Lufkin Strategic Procurement provides consulting on paper and print purchasing to a growing number of catalog and magazine publishers and printers. These are actual examples of projects we’ve completed, with the names removed to protect the confidentiality of our clients.


Comprehensive restructuring of paper program for a growing catalog

Developed the internal and external consolidation strategy

Prepared the RFP, analyzed the proposals, and guided supplier selection

Negotiated the contract

The bottom line: The customer has saved $950,000 annually


Consulting support for a paper sourcing program for a major magazine

Recommended they control their own purchases to save money

Provided insight into market pricing from our database

Coached during the negotiation process

The bottom line: Savings of over $1,400,000 a year


Print contract review for a catalog business

Provided strategic guidance on how to structure a competitive review process

Prepared the RFP, analyzed the bids, and assisted in supplier selection

Negotiated a contract with a new print supplier that provides improved quality and service in addition to cost savings

The bottom line: $1,200,000 in documented annual savings


Paper and print strategy consulting for a major catalog

Analyzed competitive level of current print and paper costs

Recommended an early renewal strategy with the current supplier to capture savings without need for an RFP process

The bottom line: Print contract cost reduction of $500,000 and paper cost savings approaching $650,000 a year


Comprehensive review of paper purchasing strategies for a major printer

Validated the effectiveness of a number of their existing practices

Identified two key areas of opportunity for enhanced savings

The bottom line: Boosted profits ranging from $850,000 to $1,500,000


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